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  • The Oceanic Wild Oracle

    Receive messages from the deep

  • The Vagabond Wild Tarot

    A whimsical deck for self-discovery

  • The Indie Wild Rune Oracle

    A modern take on the Elder Futhark Rune system

  • The Bohemian Wild Lenormand

    The traditional Lenormand made modern

Boho & Indie Wild has been a way to express myself intuitively while learning, creating, and helping others. -Tiffany Sosa Owner

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Reading Testimonials

Tiffany was wonderful! This was my first time doing a reading so I struggled to develop a good question and she assisted me in developing a good question and taught me about the guidance and advice tarot readings can offer. She responded quickly and always offered to answer questions. The reading was great and I enjoyed how she explained each card and how it related to my situation as well as how to use these cards in order to improve myself and guide me on my journey. Overall, she was wonderful and would recommend her! She helped me easily navigate the world of tarot readings and taught me some valuable lessons.


Thanks Tiffany for your wonderful reading. Not only is your interpretation of the cards accurate, but I also really like your advice on how to go about solving my problems. I am very grateful for your help and will actively work on learning to control my emotions and develop self-confidence. Thanks so much.


Thank you Tiffany, the reading related to the uncertainty of my career trajectory gave me some hope and encouragement to pursue a change. It definitely reinforces my thinking of where I want to go and I appreciate your caring and individualized interpretation- I will definitely request another reading if I ever need more insight or enlightenment.


Fabulous reading Tiffany!! Thanks!! The 1st card about me reaching a turning point hits right at home!! I'll definitely be prepared and work on all of this when the time comes. Thanks again!! Take care!! May peace love and happiness be with you!! Continue to bless the human race with your gift!! ........ Sayonara!


Hello Tiffany, Thanks for my reading! I guess there is no easy answer to my question, but it has given me some further things to think about. Thank you again for your time and wisdom!


Hi Tiffany, Thank you sooooooo much for the reading, it was a great experience and it will really help me sort out things. I can't even explain how much I liked it, I'm only giving 5 stars because I can't give 10.


Hi Tiffany, Thank you for the reading. It was spot on and reflects exactly how I feel. Reading was greatly appreciated and provides me with what I need to now make the jump.


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