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The Fool Tarot 8" x 10" Poster

The Fool Tarot 8" x 10" Poster
The Fool Tarot 8" x 10" Poster
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A beginning, innocence and being a free spirit.
She is young and carefree, starting out on her journey into the unknown.This is the beginning of creativity and new goals. The Sun shows us a morning's fresh start and relates to the potential of life. She is equipped with all her possessions in her bag which also features the eye of Horus, bringing about the beginning of days and one's curiosity in life. The Fool and her companion are archetypes. Representing the relationship between animal natures and the higher spiritual process. The roses in The Fool's hair represent purity and innocence. Take each day as a new adventure. Believe in yourself even if it seems foolish.

A statement in any room. These matte, museum-quality posters are printed on durable, archival paper.

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