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The Vagabond Wild TarotVagabond Wild Tarot

The Vagabond Wild Tarot is a 78-card deck created to resonate with travelers, wanderers and mystics on their journeys. It's a tool for self discovery, obtaining harmony with the universe and getting life-affirming answers.


The Indie Wild Rune Oracle is now published in a larger size! It is a Tarot sized 24-card Rune Oracle deck created to resonate with the vagabonds and the wiccans. The cards have whimsical illustrations of the traditional Rune symbols on cosmic backgrounds.


The Bohemian Wild Lenormand

The Bohemian Wild Lenormand is a 36-card deck created to resonate with gypsy wanderers and the spirited bohemians. The cards have whimsical, feminine illustrations of the traditional symbolism of the Lenormand on cosmic backgrounds.