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New Or Old - It's Time To Cleanse Your Deck

New Or Old - It's Time To Cleanse Your Deck
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Have you ever had a reading where you felt a little off after a reading or gotten a new deck that felt off at first? That's because there could have been old or negative energy coating your deck. 

The deck passes through many hands- old or new and need to be regularly "reset" and ready to only hold the energy of your next reading.

Here are four easy ways to cleanse a new deck:


Hold your deck in your hands and visualize all the negative or old energy leaving the cards and being replaced with a white light to cleanse your cards, renewing it with the energy of the universe. 


On the next full moon, you can simply place your cards in a window or even outside to bathe in the moonlight. 


Burn a smudge stick and pass the cards through the smoke several times. You can also cleanse any crystals that you use during the process.


Salt can be used to draw out negative energy from your cards, just like you would use salt to draw out the moisture from a food item in cooking. First, wrap your deck in a plastic bag as tightly as you can. Then place the bag in a bowl of salt for one or more days.

You'll find a method that is right for you, and it may not be one of these. Just remember that it's all about your intentions on wanting to clear the deck and give it a reset for your next reading.


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