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Easy Tarot Spreads For Everyday Use

Easy Tarot Spreads For Everyday Use
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Tarot spreads are the chosen paths through which we receive the Tarot’s wisdom. Choosing a spread is the first step toward cultivating a fruitful Tarot reading. Each card in a Tarot spread usually represents something specific, and noticing the ways in which the cards relate to each other can create impactful realizations.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of Tarot spreads out there. So how do you determine which spread to use? Where is the best place to begin? Well, as with many things, it’s often most effective to start small and work your way toward more complex spreads once you feel ready for that challenge.

But let’s keep in mind the importance of acknowledging that even the relatively small, 3-card Tarot spreads can be incredibly rewarding. Never underestimate all that you can learn from a single reading, no matter which spread you choose.

With that, here are a few powerful Tarot spreads for readers who just starting out. Psst…even long-time Tarot lovers use these! 

Mind - Body - Soul

The first card in this spread represents your mind. This will highlight the focus of your thoughts lately. What have you been thinking about? Is there a person, situation or idea that keeps crossing your mind?

The second card represents your body. This can either tell you something about your physical location, the physical tasks you are engaging in, or your physical health. Sometimes this card can also highlight your current relationship with your body. Are you taking care of yourself? Is there somewhere you need to be or a specific thing you need to do?

The third card represents your soul. This exposes the current state of your inner self. Do you feel connected with your spirit lately? Have you been acting in ways that align with who you truly are? Is your soul shining outward or is it being hidden beneath matters of mind and body?

Past - Present - Future

This first card represents your past. This can either relate to your distant past or something that has happened very recently. Reflect on your past day, week, month or year. Is there anything that stands out? Is there something you should pay more attention to? This card will give you the answer.

The second card in this spread represents your present. How are you doing right now? Are you in the midst of a certain project or situation? What was today like compared to yesterday? When interpreting this card, questions like these will most likely come up. In a nutshell, reflect on who is “present you.”

The third card here lets you peer into your future. Remember, this could mean tomorrow or years from now. What is your intuition telling you? At your current rate, this is where you are headed. Is there anything you’d like to change about the path you’re traveling on? 

Situation - Action - Outcome

In this spread, the first card relates to a specific situation in your life lately. It might be something that is already at the forefront of your mind. Something that is all-consuming. Or, it may represent a seemingly insignificant situation that has not been in focus. Whatever the situation, the Tarot is telling you to pay attention. 

The second card represents a possible action that you could take or one that you have already taken. This card is here to encourage you to examine all aspects of your choices. Is there an action that you are thinking about executing in response to the situation in question? Are you noticing all sides of this action?

The third card is very important because it highlights the outcome that will likely follow the chosen action. Is this your desired outcome? Will this outcome fully resolve the situation in a way you feel good about? If so, you’re on the right track. If the outcome presented here differs from what you want, the Tarot is reminding you of your ability to change what happens by taking a different course action.

These 3-card Tarot spreads can offer eye-opening guidance. All you have to do is utilize them whenever you feel called to. Happy reading!


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