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5 Most Common Mistakes Tarot Readers Make

5 Most Common Mistakes Tarot Readers Make
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No matter how hard we try to get an accurate Tarot reading every time, mistakes can get the best of us. It’s trying too hard that can actually be the reason why we make certain mistakes deliberately. And all that leads to is a reading that is much less accurate than we’d hope.

But have no fear: all you need to do to avoid this kind of outcome is to become aware of the most common mistakes that Tarot readers make. Then, become mindful about them as you move forward in your Tarot practice.

So, here are five mistakes that Tarot readers make all too often:

1. Reading in a cluttered atmosphere

Properly setting up a reading is one of the most overlooked aspects of Tarot practice. You see, the Tarot picks up on all of the energy of its surroundings. That means if there’s too much clutter or noise in the space, both you and the cards will have too many distractions to accurately decipher the energy that is present. Similarly, if there are too many other people around who are focused on other things, their energy will also be clouding the Tarot’s ability to provide you with the best reading. So remember to clear your space as well as your mind before you begin drawing cards.

2. Changing cards as you see fit

So you drew a card that didn’t make any sense to you right away. Resist the temptation to put it back and draw a new one in its place. This will only lead to a reading that fits your idea of what you want to see, not what the Tarot actually wants to tell you. Even when you don’t understand it, Tarot cards are always drawn for a reason. And the way they are also drawn matters. Switching them from reversed to upright or changing their position in a spread are also mistakes that generate inaccurate results. Instead of making modifications, trust the Tarot and let it take the lead.

3. Reading in an emotional state

In times when we’re feeling everything too much, it is common to look to the Tarot for the guidance and support we need—but performing a reading while upset or anxious is a surefire way to get a biased, inaccurate reading. Drawing cards too soon after an event that made you so emotional will likely only add to your confusion and make things worse. It is important to be operating from a grounded, calm inner state when reading Tarot so that your energy can allow for clear results. Thus, take the time for self-care when you are feeling emotional and return to the cards when you are truly ready.

4. Dismissing certain cards as unimportant

It can be too easy to place all of your focus on the cards that jump out to you as crazily accurate or relatable. But this only causes you to overlook the importance of other cards

with relevance that is less obvious. Just because the meanings of certain cards may not be as easily applied to your current reality does not make them any less valuable. Remember to treat every card you draw as if it is bringing you an equally important message. Whether it’s the negative cards that remind you of things you’d rather not think about, or it’s the good cards that just seem a bit random, the Tarot always wants you to pay attention.

5. Drawing conclusions too quickly

When figuring out the meanings of the cards you draw, be careful that you aren’t impulsive with your interpretations. That is, don’t jump to conclusions about why you drew a specific card and what it’s telling you. Tarot is meant to be practiced patiently and with intention.

The accuracy of a reading diminishes the faster you choose to make a conclusion. When interpreting a card, think about all of the possible ways it could be looked at. Try to recognize the subtle things it could be pointing to. Especially when you draw a card that is stereotypically seen as negative, take the time to really understand all sides of its message. 


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